-20AN Water-neck Adapters, No Welding-No Clamps required

-20AN Water-neck Adapters, No Welding-No Clamps required

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 No Welding - No Clamps required. Easily go from one water-neck size to another without the need of reducers, splices or clamps while maintaining the same hose size. Perfect for LS swaps when the pump is one size and the radiator is another. Our adapters can be installed on any water-neck (Radiator, Water Pump, Thermostat Housing, etc. ) We guarantee our adapters to be leak proof and are warranted against mechanical failure. Our Adapters are both removable and reusable. Patented

To aid in determining the correct parts for your application and help ensure ordering the correct parts, use the -20an Templates found under Mock-up / Assembly instructions at the top of this page.


 Step 6: Placing your Order

IMPORTANT: Accurately measure the water necks OD ( Not the Bead ) for each water neck to be adapted. Use calipers or micrometer for the measurement. Water-neck OD Tolerance  -010"  +.015"

Order from the menu above. Select size and color. Choose Color. Add quantity of each in cart.

 For ease in Adapter and Hose assembly we recommend our -20AN Wrenches .

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