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AN Combination Wrench

AN Combination Wrench

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These wrenches are a must for the safe, damage free assembly and maintenance of your cooling system. This wrench will fit both the A & B hex of the hose end. One end of the wrench will generally suffice and is most needed when assembling the hose end to hose. 

The other end is needed when tightening or removing hose to Autoplumb Water Neck Adapters to keep Adapter stable. A large adjustable wrench can be used to stabilize the Adapter making one wrench adequate.

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Special 2 wrench set: $54.95

One wrench: $ 33.80





  • For the assembly of -20an Hose Ends
  • For the installation of the Water Neck Conversion Adaptor
  • For the tightening of the Water Neck Adaptor to the Hose End
  • Use during any maintenance of your cooling system.