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-20AN  Combination Wrench

-20AN Combination Wrench

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This Wrench is a must for the safe, damage free assembly and maintenance of your cooling system. One wrench will fit both the S & B hex of the hose end. One end of the wrench, S= Socket Nut, is needed when assembling the hose end to hose. Highly recommended to prevent damage to the hose end.

The other end B= AN Hex Nut, is needed when tightening or removing hose assembly to Autoplumb Water Neck Adapters. A second wrench is only used to stabilize the Adapter and prevent disturbing the attachment. A large adjustable wrench can be used to stabilize the Adapter during that process, making one wrench adequate.

One wrench:  $39.95

Special 2 wrench set:  $69.95






  • For the assembly of -20an Hose Ends
  • For the installation of the Water Neck Conversion Adaptor
  • For the tightening of the Water Neck Adaptor to the Hose End
  • Use during any maintenance of your cooling system.