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AutoPlumb Mock-Up Instructions

Autoplumb has designed these templates to save both time and money in designing your new -16an or -20an Cooling System. We hope this system will help prevent costly and time-consuming returns, getting your ride back in action as soon as possible.  

How to use:

“IMPORTANT” Read this in its entirety before beginning and Watch the Video.

  1. Below are step by step instructions for Mocking up your cooling system.
  2. After printing, take note of any measurements provided on sheets to ensure the templates print out actual size.  Cut out each template. For best results and ease of use trace each template onto poster board or sturdy paper and re-cut out each template. Custom trimming may be necessary for templates to fit properly but will not affect their accuracy.
  3. Starting with the upper hose system, choose a Thermostat Housing best suited for your application. If you currently have a swivel thermostat housing with a screw in hose adapter, we have -16AN & -20AN 1-1/4” 20 TPI adaptors that fit most all brands of swivel housings. Allow 2” of your housing for their use.  Templates are provided for both the Autoplumb swivel and Aeroflow swivel housings. Make sure you have adequate hood clearance as you mock up your system.
  4. Choose the correct water neck OD size Autoplumb water neck adaptor template for your upper radiator water neck OD. Measure the OD of your water neck 1/4” behind the raised bead between the bead and the radiator or water pump.
  5. Choose hose ends you believe are best suited for you application. At this point taping the components together can be helpful. Also an extra set of hands holding things in place can help.
  6. Remember the Thermostat housing swivels. Also you can rotate the hose end to simulate the swivel capabilities of the hose ends. Watch the video.
  7. Also note that the hose will bend to approximately a 9” radius, refer to the hose template. The hose end templates have a line marked to indicate the depth the hose inserts into the hose end. This will aid in determining the amount of hose to order. Do not be short, add for good measure.
  8. As seen on the video, you should avoid creating short “S” bends in the hose.  
  9. The lower system is much the same with the exception of the LS style engine where the Thermostat housing is on the water pump. We offer three angles of LS housings, straight, 45° and 90°. The 45 & 90 Swivel 360°. You can attach hose ends of any angle to the straight housing for additional routing possibilities.
  1. If you have an electric water pump with a screw-in adapter, we have ORB & NPT to AN screw in adapters. NOTE: Our adapters have short reach threads and will not work on pumps where the threads are recessed into the housing.