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How to convert Heater Hose to AN,  In the Engine Compartment

How to convert Heater Hose to AN, In the Engine Compartment

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Autoplumb offers two options A & B below to convert your Rubber Heater Hose to AN in the engine compartment. All the items needed are available on this page. Add Quantity in Cart.

A. To convert from existing Heater Core Tubes that exit the Firewall

1.  If you are converting from existing heater Core Tubes exiting the Firewall with a Hose Barb on them use our (Barb to AN Adapters). Select from the menu either(  3/4" to -10AN ) or ( 5/8" to -10AN ) depending on the OD of the existing tubes.

2.  To connect to most engines ( except LS see instructions below ) Select from the menu the appropriate ( NPT to-10AN Adapters ) to connect to the Water Pump, Manifold etc.

3.  Two methods can be used to convert the Hose Barbs of a LS pump to AN.

 Method 1:, Use our ( Barb to AN Adapters ). Determine the correct tube size. Select from the menu ( 5/8" to -10AN) or (3/4" to -10AN ) ( Barb to AN Adapter ). Simply install onto the existing barbed tubes. ( Most LS pumps have  1-5/8" and 1- 3/4" Barb )

Method 2: Remove the Barbed Tubes by twisting, turning and prying them out of the pump. They are pressed in so they will come out. This is just a suggestion only and recommend you do this with caution not to damage your pump. The holes can be tapped with out the need to drill them 3/8" NPT and 1/2" NPT. Have your NPT to -10AN Adapter on hand to determine the depth of the tap, Do not Tap to deep. Select from the menu a ( 3/8"NPT to -10AN ) and a ( 1/2" NPT to -10AN ) Adapter. 

B. To connect to our Firewall Bulkheads

1. To convert our Firewall Bulkhead that have #10 A/C ports to AN Select from the menu 2- ( A/C O-Ring to AN Adapters ). 1 per pack - 2 required.

2. To connect to our -10AN Bulkhead simply attach with a AN Hose End.

Hose Ends:

Choose from the menu the appropriate quantity, angle and color of -10AN Hose Ends Note: Add Quantity in Cart.  We recommend and sell only Aeroflow FULL FLOW hose ends for our heater hose conversion.


Choose from the menu the desired type and quantity.


Choose from the menu the available Hose Separators and/or P-Clamps for clean and secure attachment.