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5/8" Barb to -10AN 2-Port Firewall Bulkhead for Heater Conversion

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Add to your cart 1- 5/8" Barb to -10AN Firewall Bulkhead and 2- AC O-ring to AN adapters, required to convert from A/C to AN

Go to "How to Convert Existing Heater Core Tubes to AN" section for components needed to connect from your firewall to your Engine.

 The following are components needed to plump your heater core to the back of your Aeroflow or other firewall bulk heads. We convert 3/4" heater core tubes to 5/8" Barb to enable connection to bulkheads with 5/8" rear barb attachment.

Note:  For Heater Core tubes with a Barb use Barb Adapters

To convert a 3/4" Heater core tube WithBarb.  Use a  3/4" to -10AN Barb Adapter.  To the Barb Adapter connect a  Female -10AN to 5/8" Hose Barb Fitting.   To the Hose Barb Fitting connect  5/8" Push Lock Hose,  clamp required. Connect hose to back of the 5/8" Barb to #10 A/C Firewall Bulkhead. clamp required.

To convert a 5/8" Heater core tube WithBarb connect  5/8" Push Lock Hose,  clamp required. Connect the hose to the back of the 5/8" to #10 A/C Firewall Bulkhead.

NOTE: For Heater core tubes with No Barb use Tube Adapters  

To convert a 3/4" Heater core tube with NO barb. Use a  3/4" to 12AN Tube Adapter.  To the Tube Adapter connect a  Female -12AN to 5/8" Hose Barb Fitting.  To the Hose Barb Fitting connect   5/8" Push Lock Hose   clamp required. Connect to the 5/8" Barbs on the back of the   5/8" Barb to 10 A/C Firewall Bulkhead,   clamp required. 

To convert a 5/8" Heater core tube with NO Barb. Use a 5/8" to -10AN Tube Adapter. To the Tube Adapter connect a Female -10AN to 5/8" Hose Barb Fitting. To the  hose Barb Fitting connect  5/8" Push Lock Hose  clamp required. Connect to the 5/8" Barbs on the back of the  5/8" Barb to 10 A/C Firewall Bulk Head. Clamp required.

  To convert the #10 A/C ports on the engine side of the firewall bulkhead to -10AN use 2, A/C O-ring to AN Adapters. 2 required, 1 per package, order 2

Clamps and Clamp Pliers available on this page.